Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Other Line at Mr. Brainwash's

Most nights there is a huge line up next to MBW's building -- the line might be even bigger than MBW's, but this is not for his show.

The line is to get some free food from some community service food trucks.

It is really alarming to think this many people are lining up for food! Hell, most of the people lined up at MBW's on preview night were bitchin because we had to stand in line so long. Well, something is weird when people are willing to stand in line for hours to get a bite to eat. It wasn't just homeless men either. About 50% of the crowd was women or families.

This country is really getting crazy and something is going to force a change. Something like 20% of children in California are living in poverty. What the hell is that about?!

Fuck the military. Fuck the banks. A government should take care of its people first and foremost, and only then can it thrive.


  1. wow thats sad!!! tell mbw to feed them all!!! lolololololol

  2. 1st good post in a while

  3. Dj Jazzy Jefferson AirplaneDecember 29, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    20% of children in CA live in poverty because CA is bankrupt. Why is it bankrupt? Easy to explain. Free health care, schooling, food etc for people who aren't american citizens. Name another country that does that for people who are in their country illegally. You can't, because there aren't any others out there. Don't blame capitalism for the mess we're in. That's like telling the most ambitious and smartest kids in the room to dumb themselves down so the other kids can get a piece. Wack...wack as fuk.

  4. Wow. What a way off base comment. This reader is right that California is right, but for all the wrong reasons. The real problem is wasteful government spending, and the trillions wasted on a failed drug war, and prosecuting undocumented workers. Governments should take care of their people. More money for health care, schooling, food etc.--for anyone who needs it! And crime will decrease, and the standard of living will go up.

  5. Oh i hate how this DJ Jazzy thinks he knows it all. What an idiot! he tried to make a smart educated statement but really just made an uneducated guess and made himself look like an idiot. he must be one of those kids who didnt need dumbing down because he is already dumb!

    Signed, DJ is a dumb a$$!

  6. I was at the opening of the MBW show and took similar pictures... Thats same day a wealthy woman who passed left the rest of her money to be given to the homeless and needy every Christmas. I've never been more saddened to see the large lines to get help next to large lines to supporting MBW. What about supporting the city of Angeles. A wall of stuffed animals...r the site of a hungry child... which takes a better picture?