Friday, December 23, 2011

No Prints at 'Art Show 2011' - A Big Disappointment

The first 300 people in line for 'Art Show 2011' were supposed to score a free signed print from Mr. Brainwash.

However, as has been previously mentioned, things were really behind with the opening of 'Art Show 2011', so much so that the prints simply weren't ready.

Mr. Brainwash had told M&F that he doesn't grant favors with the prints, and if we wanted one we would have to wait in line. So we showed up Thursday afternoon around 3:30 and stood in line--which is also why there were so few updates yesterday.

The way that the prints worked is that you waited in line and then signed your name and email to a list at the entrance. Once you signed the list and got a ticket, the people were asked to stand on the opposite side of the door and start lining up to get in. We made it on the list and got a ticket around 5:30 (#'s 258 & 259).

From this point on, there was supposed to be a second ticket given to the ticket holders to verify that they had indeed stayed there. But this never happened, and from here things got confusing, as newcomers falsely thought a ticket was required to get into the show, and actual ticket holders thinking that there was a separate entrance for them.

Once people got into the show, at first they said there wasn't going to be a print today, and then there wasn't, and then there was, and then Mr. Brainwash himself said that the ticket holders would be contacted by email and the prints would be mailed to them. Most people were okay with that, but a few were concerned that their email had been written down wrong, and some, especially the ones who had been there overnight, were upset that they had waited so long only to go home empty handed.

Alas, when all was said and done there were no prints distributed opening night. As far as we know, the ticket holders can expect to hear from MBW's team soon for mailing instructions. We have not heard anything yet, and will update the status once we do hear anything.

Some people were enraged on Twitter about the way this was handled. It was unfortunate that the prints weren't ready, but it wasn't malicious. Like with many things, not just the prints, Brainwash ran out of time. He definitely means well, and Brainwash even gave the first 5 people in line $100 the first night to get dinner on him. And there were hundreds of free posters handed out which Mr. Brainwash signed diligently. We understand that people are bothered that they did not get the prints they waited for, but we are sure that the situation will get handled and the ticket holders will get taken care of. But what a fiasco!

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  1. It was a total fiasco!!! The worst part was the waiting in line. If they knew it was going to go down like that which they knew since the prints were not finished. Each one was to be hand finished by BW and while I feel for BW having been up for three days straight he could have handled the situation and the show better. He had three months to prepare for this show. I didn't see that there was this much chaos and disorganization at the Google Music launch. One thing I know is Eduardo deserves a raise he dealt with all 300 people for the print and did so with a smile and little extra help!!!