Monday, December 26, 2011

Snyder's Scavenger Hunt - Plant an Ornament

Snyder had a busy Christmas Day hosting his 4th Annual 'Plant an Ornament' Scavenger Hunt in Carlsbad. It was a multi-layered, multi-faceted game, and based on the tremendous amount of response and support on CarlsbadCrawl, it was a huge hit!

Here is Snyder's description of the event:

S and I walked the village from 2:30am til 6am last night "planting"
crafted ornaments in the Carlsbad Village in 30 degree chill. I woke up at
7:30am today to take photos of people finding the ornaments. It is the 4th
year I have done this... I hope to bring this type of community based
craft scavenger hunt to LA sometime soon.

Each of the 100 ornaments are tagged with a log number. Ornament finders
are encouraged through tag and flyer instructions to log the number on
CarlsbadCrawl to expose a single piece of a puzzle. There are also 5
"bonus ornaments" that offer the opportunity for finders to win a
painting. After logging, I respond with a secret website. On the website
is a "village sound" soundbyte. The first to find a bonus ornament, log
it, listen to the sound and identify it correctly wins the painting.

I love this stuff and the levels of detail and community involvement are

Amazing work from Snyder. It is beyond impressive how Snyder not only makes beautiful, impressive art, but also finds a way to reach the people directly with that art. Snyder has said that marketing is his favorite art, and truly, this artist is a genius on many levels.

Dig it. Stay up~

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