Monday, December 26, 2011

Banksy Makes Surprise Appearance at 'Art Show 2011'-- (and Mr. Brainwash Want's To Know What People Think!)

Banksy makes a surprise visit at 'Art Show 2011', and, on another topic, Mr. Brainwash wants to know what people think.

Mr. Brainwash said he does not like the connotation of the way it sounds when it has been said that all of the art will be destroyed at the end of the show. Destroy sounds so negative, and that was never his intention.

MBW's lease for the building ends at the end of this year, and at that point, the art on the walls of 'Art Show 2011' can not be realistically salvaged. The building is set to be demolished, or rented out again, and the walls must be made clear before then. The pieces were always meant to be temporary, that is all.

Mr. Brainwash said that the community participation area was very powerful to him and his favorite part of show. He wants to try and save some of the pieces he can. And he wonders what people think about saving some of the pieces of furniture and letting them live on through other art shows.

MBW wants to tread carefully and make sure that people don't think he is trying to take advantage of the situation. He wonders if most people think it is a good thing to save some pieces of art? Or not?

He also added that if most people do support the idea of saving some of the pieces, but some artists on the pieces don't want to be part of the pieces any longer, he is happy to remove or cover them up.

BTW-The monkey face character pictured on the fridge above is reportedly a Banksy, snuck into the community area of Art Show 2011. Dig it~

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  1. ...or its just a torn off piece(or copy) of banksy's show L.A. poster.

  2. I think it is a good idea to let the pieces live on in fact I think he should take high res photos of every square inch of the group section. I have about 90 images in the show. You had two postings on my images the Mythical Creatures and Where the Wild Things. I in fact would like to remove some of the pieces from the walls to reuse in new art pieces I will make, I would like to know what Brainwash thinks of that.

  3. my art is in the show. I think it would be awesome if some of the pieces got saved

  4. let it continue to live on

  5. that isn't banksy , its just some sticker of his monkey face

  6. The (banksy) sticker was the first sticker I saw on the refrigerator before people were even let in on the fisrt day of the community day

  7. save ALL the art you can...
    mbw is a joke
    but, god damn! can he throw a party

  8. SAVE IT!

    THANKS MBW! LA LOVES YOU!@!@!@!@!@!

  9. If it is Banksy someone going to try and take that fridge door before its over

  10. Thank you to Brainwash from us ALL! Everyone had a great time. Even the haters.
    p.s. Funny thing is the haters grab the most MBW free posters.

  11. because the haters know that some sucker will fall for the bullshit and pay big bucks for something us haters dont care about! Be smart MBW suckers grab more get more!

    Signed, HATER

  12. went to the MBW favorite spot was the collab floor...seeing everyones art in one spot was truly awesome..there are SO many talented artists out there...street art can have a short life span in the streets so if some can be saved that would be would be sweet if the call went out to the community to collab like that again..where EVERYONE is invited...Stay Up ya' out for the media po-po's!!