Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Lister Mural & Video

Anthony Lister just finished a giant mural on Melrose and released a video of his work.

Lister was commissioned to do the wall to hype the dvd release of Planet of the Apes, today, December 13th.

Lister also threw in a shout out to The Seventh Letter in the mural.

In addition to the press release photos below, there is also a cool video of Lister painting and talking about his being an adventure painter and 'scratching on the wall like a monkey'.

You can see the mural on the front of De La Barracuda. And you can check out the new Lister video HERE.


  1. boring advertisement backed by corporate media

  2. Sure, but someone's getting paid to do what they love...what's wrong that?
    A starving artist is a stupid artist.

  3. ^^ seriously, quit soundin like a jealous biatch