Friday, May 27, 2011

Snyder Drips A Trail - Scavenger Hunt! (Hints!)

Snyder's Scavenger hunt is still going on and no winner has located all the pieces. We know some people have been out looking, but is a difficult thing finding all 10 pieces of street art, so we didn't expect it to happen quickly. So, here is a hint pic with a shot of each flower. Whether you recognize the location, or just use it as a checklist it should help a winner get a new piece of original art from Snyder!

Also, enjoy this video of Snyder placing the flowers.

To win, post the pictures of all 10 locations on Snyder's Facebook page. And, in case one or some of the flowers have been buffed, or 'weeded' as Snyder put it, just take a photo of the spot where the flower was.

Happy Hunting!

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