Monday, May 23, 2011

Mr. Brainwash Gets Bombed!

Mr. Brainwash's gallery gets bombed. And unlike the fabricated Kidult spraying of MBW's studio, this hit is the real thing.

Yanoe RTL DTS goes BIG in smashing the top level of the scaffolding with a massive throw up. This thing is HUGE , and is many times the size of a normal piece. The color flares are perfect. This piece is prime.

And under it is an impressive full color fill in from Label(?). We were with a friend, when we first saw these and the friend spotted the Yanoe piece above and was saying how impressive it was, and we were agreeing, talking about the lower piece. When we finally saw the Yanoe piece above we were blown away, but this piece is one of the only full color fill ins and desevers respect in its own right. (there is another on the side of the building that we couldn't flick).

Hell yeah. Stay up~


  1. "Label"? Really? Middle throwing says "LIKES". Duh.

  2. Ride the Lightening.. Yanoe is a G!

  3. Been waiting for this