Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hooked Up - Chad Muska

Had a really cool experience the other day when we had just rounded the corner of Melrose and Fairfax on a skateboard, when we saw a black Range Rover pull up and heard someone call out, "Hey! MelroseandFairfax!"

Turns out it was none other than Chad Muska. Chad remembered us from a few weeks earlier when we had snapped some shots of his getting down on a mural at Brooklyn Projects with Alec Monopoly and Haculla. He pulled over to say what's up and hook us up with this dope hand painted print. Love the piece and the colors, and love having the first on-the-street hook up.

We had been big fans of Muska for a long time, for his work in the skate world and the sneaker game, and we think it is fucking awesome that The Muska is getting down with street art. Chad has actually been messing with street art for a long time, much longer than a lot of people realize, and we dig his aesthetic. We know Muska has plans to go big soon, and in our book, Muska is always big.

Thanks for the hook up, Muska.

Stay up~

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  1. Great! ...I move outta town and your kicking it w/ The Muska! Life aint fair! You can probably imagine what I think of his art though. -image