Friday, May 27, 2011

Post No Bills!

Cyrcle and Chad Muska go big at De La Barracuda with a HUGE new wall.

It says 'Post No Bills!' in the middle of the piece and has four gigantic Supra Skytop II along the top, each dripping a different shade of florescent color.

Cyrcle and Muska also took over the box out front. It has never looked so clean~

Amazing piece~

And since the folks at M&F are somewhat of sneakerheads, we think sneaker themed street art is as good as it gets (we have dreams of shoes like this!).

For those who don't know, the Supra Skytop is the Chad Muska model. Its like Michael and his Jordan's. To add an even more personal touch to the piece, Chad took this photo himself, of this Sky II, which we believe is a Factory 413 Exclusive pair and super limited.

Stay fresh, and please, keep posting no bills!


  1. not bad but liked what hush did a lot better and think they should have waited before doing there thing on it

  2. Great piece
    Box looks better than ever
    Supra 4 life

  3. love how they got on the power box in front too

  4. I really hope the wall and box stays untouch for awhile. looks really sick

  5. loved the hush piece.... this piece although cool in it's own way looks too much like advertising to me....

  6. This doesn't burn what it capped

  7. I hear Sam. Glorified advertisement.Hush was sick.