Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hooked Up - Kylie Ireland

This might be our favorite hook up ever!

We got hooked up with a real life action figure of street artist DeeKay as her porn star self, Kylie Ireland.

Its kind of like a Barbie but better because this one show all the good stuff! (heh-heh) And its super exclusive and a huge honor that Kylie was selected for this toy, and only six girls were chosen. It was produced a few years ago when she was one of the biggest names in the porn business along with Jenna Jameson and Julie Meadows, and now Kylie is excelling in the art world.

Kylie really does have impressive work, and it is a huge honor to have her in our upcoming art show, not just as a big name porn star, but as an artist.

Kylie has even done a very cool thing and she converted one of these Kylie Ireland figurines into a street artist 'DeeKay' version. How dope is that?

Huge thanks for the hook up, Kylie! And for all the curious out there (and who isn't?!) the last pic is an upskirt glimpse of some goodies. Either way, with Qtip in the picture, you are guaranteed to see some pussy~

Stay up, (and keep us all up)!

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