Monday, May 23, 2011

Hooked Up - Mr. Brainwash

When MBW gave us a tour of his studio last week, he was cool enough to hook it up with a hand tagged postal slap.

While he was doing the tag, he said something along the lines of 'Do what your heart tells you. Some people will tell you no, but follow your heart'. That's wassup.

Fuck the haters. Thanks for following your heart, MBW, and thanks for the hook up~
Qtip and Shasta chillin in the doorway in front of a hand tagged postal sticker from Mr. Brainwash.


  1. I've never sen him make anything... Probably because he's not an artist.

  2. dope! frame that shit

  3. Long live M&F ;)

  4. it's hard to dislike someone who is so nice! I've had a bunch of great encounters with him and it's nice to know he's still cool. Team MBW!

  5. I'm willing to bet that Qtip has pawed more rad artwork than any other cat on the planet.