Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snyder Plants An Urban Garden - Community Geared Scavenger Hunt!

As a build up for our upcoming show, What Graffiti is to New York - Street Art is to Los Angeles, Snyder has instigated another amazing street art scavenger hunt. Last time, the prize was worth $500+. Click the jump for more

Snyder is not only an amazing visual artist, but he is strongly dedicated to the idea of community, and feels that street art should play a big role in bringing a community together.

His scavenger hunts really do bring the community together in a great way, kinda like a Banksy hunt, and with an amazing piece of original art being offered as a prize, it serves as an incredible motivator. Snyder said that if there is a lot of participation he will offer an original painting, like before, otherwise he will offer a still dope original drawing.

In his own words, here are the details:

Snyder Plants an Urban Garden: Scavenger Hunt

With the Urban Garden Installation, as well as the sunflower installation,
I am attempting to install a connection with art and the community which
it is placed within. I hope these pieces go beyond only stimulating a
thought in the passing public, but trigger emotion and local appreciation.

The installation objects halved and attached to the walls demonstrate the
idea of art not only being placed on the walls of the streets, but being
placed within the streets becoming a member of the community. They rest on
the same ground that the people who live and work within walk on.

"Doodle" wanders the streets planting his colorful ideas. He encourages
members and visitors of the community to find each of his flowers. This
scavenger hunt attempts to encourage an artistically aware culture while
promoting friendship, local businesses and the urban exploration through
street art.

How the Scavenger Hunt works:

• 1 "centerpiece" art installation
• 10 flowers "planted" on or around Melrose and La Brea

The first person upload a photo of the centerpiece and all 10 flowers to
the Snyder Art facebook page wins a Project themed Snyder original piece of art.

***HINT: The flowers are located on Melrose and La Brea with one on Beverly. Happy Hunting!***