Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Premiere of 'Outside In: The Official Story of Art In The Streets'

We didn't have the chance to make as many posts as usual today. It was a hectic day of running around that included meeting with Juxtapoz, working with a 10 foot Gibson Guitar for our upcoming art show, and the day culminated with a viewing of the world premiere for 'Outside In: The Official Story of Art In The Streets'. Click the jump for more.

The popularity of street art is HUGE right now. And the line for the movie premier showed that. Even after the doors had closed and the massive Egyptian Theatre was full, there were still two lines, stretching halfway down the block on Hollywood Blvd. Hundreds of people did not make it into the film. The turnout was impressive, to say the least.

Once inside, the place was absolutely packed. The movie itself was cool and a great look into the MOCA show. It seemed to be geared more towards folks who aren't familiar with the genre, but it was fun to watch and there are a lot of great lines from the artists.

After the movie was done, the movie director, Alex Stapleton, was joined on stage by many artists and curators of the MOCA show including Roger Gastman, Aaron Rose, Saber, Shepard Fairey, Neckface (and more) for a question and answer series. It was kind of awkward at first, and there were some lame questions, but as it went on, there were some really good questions thrown into the mix. Neckface had the best lines of the show, like when someone asked how the artists got their supplies (really?). Neckface responded 'When I started out, I stole shit. Now, I still steal shit.' That's wassup.

And to cap it all off there was a special after party with Shepard Fairey as DJ.

Very cool night, and another impressive demonstration of what Levi's Workshop has brought to LA trough their sponsorship of the MOCA exhibition. And dig the Levi's artist jackets, like the Espo one pictured below. Stay up~

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