Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Act of Brainwash

Its spring, flowers are blooming, and a new one popped up on Mr. Brainwash's studio.

MBW has been preparing the building for his upcoming solo show, and Random Act added a hand painted flower to the studio.

Think that Random Act had a flower riding at the same spot as the new one that got capped by MBW's photo boy, and she is claiming back the spot. Interesting to see how Mr. Brainwash plays it, if he lets it ride or not.

***Big thanks to Katherine for spotting the addition and sending in the pics***


  1. nice layers. easy to hate on mbw but I could say that I would enjoy walking past this.

  2. there are now 3 flowers there. he didn't cover any of was covered by the under construction area to the left and the other is to the right untouched. it appears she just added another. still beautiful though nonetheless.

  3. ^He painted white over one. It was just chillin on the edge away from his posters on the far right side, this was her revenge haha