Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Humanity - In the Galleries, True to the Streets

Free Humanity has had a few gallery shows in the past few months, and is currently gearing up for our big 'What Graffiti is to New York -Street Art is to Los Angeles' art show at the Maximillian Gallery opening this weekend. And even though Free is in the gallery's (and doing well), he is still keeping it true to the streets.

We have mad respect for Free and for all the artists in our line-up. This dream team of LA street artists really has stayed up on the streets, and the work for the gallery is downright amazing. Couldn't be more proud of our artists and would pit them against any 15 from any city anywhere~

Fuck yeah. Get up, stay up~


  1. damn this foo is the only one up in the streets right now
    M&F is dope

  2. Free Humanity is ruining the game. This doods work is weak!