Friday, May 27, 2011

Chad Muska and Cyrcle Go Big at Barracuda

Cyrcle and Chad Muska go big at De La Barracuda.

It was still a work in progress when we left, but it features a big center piece that says 'Post No Bills', and a bunch of HUGE Supra Skytop II sneakers along the top.

2wenty was also there getting in on the action.

Very cool stuff. More actions shots and pics of the finished piece still to come.


  1. i do think this wall gets turned over too quickly but so it goes

  2. i know what you mean tam, that was quick!! lots of hours of love on that wall!

  3. It's rather cool that there is such a constant rotation - and the quick turnover correlates to street art in that it is most often a temporary visual gratification for those who happen upon it before it passes on.

  4. gonna miss that hush piece