Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bod Bod Gets Up!

Of all the street artists out there, the most elusive is Bod Bod. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Bod Bod is only 9 years old.

M&F had the excitement of meeting Bod Bod when he came by the gallery to place some stickers on the giant Gibson guitar.

We thought that the gallery scene might be kind of overwhelming for a nine year old, but he carried it off like a champion, or, we should say, like a real artist. Even though Bod Bod is 9 years old, he has that certain independent flair that artists are known for. Bod Bod makes all of his own pieces, completely on his own. Even his 'Pay Teachers More' piece was his own idea and came as a surprise to his parents!

And, at the art show, Bod Bod's pieces got a lot of from all sorts of people (think one even sold!), and most had no idea that the artist is a child and not an adult. Very impressive stuff from this young artist, and it will be a real thrill to watch Bod Bod's career develop.

Awesome stuff. Stay up!


  1. Bod Bod is indeed the little man.

    But his pieces got a lot of what?

  2. nice!

    i scoped out several of bod bod stickers during my recent trip to LA!

    his were amongst some of my favorites!
    they ruled!