Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time To Get Paid Or Starve Artist - The Show Was a Hit!

HUGE thanks to all the fans and supporters who came out to our art show last night at the Maximillian Gallery.

The show was a hit, but not like a single or a double, it was a home run!

Can't say enough about the experience. It was almost overwhelming but the night was a great mix of art lovers and collectors mixed in with hotel guests and folks just finding out about the scene.

We had some amazing art, and the sales were very strong. Like this Cyrcle piece says 'Time To Get Paid Or Starve Artist', and the sentiment couldn't ring more true. It was a great night to get paid, both in sales, and in the pay-off of the show title itself. This was the first money we have ever made from the blog, and it feels good not just to earn something but as validation for all the time and energy put into making the blog the #2 street art blog in the world. And New York can have the title for graffiti. They earned it and deserved it. LA is proud to be home of street art~

Huge thanks to the Maximillian Gallery, all the fans that showed their support, everyone who helped out with the show, and a special shout out to Hershy Ash for contributing his curatorial skills. And a tremendous thanks to all the artists for everything they did. Can't say enough about how amazing the entire line-up was.

Thanks again to everyone!! Stay up!!!

***We were so caught up in the action last night that we snapped a few up close shots, but we didn't get any shots of the venue and crowd. If people have some good shots, send em in!***


  1. Awesome! Thank you for all of your hard work and for shining a little light on all of the awesome stuff in the streets!

  2. This really was a great show. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of fellow artists who all seemed like the most down to earth and genuine human beings. Happy for what this show did for this blog, street art, and art in general

    Special Congrats to the homies D and D :] Love you guys.

  3. We took a bunch of pics at the event, check them out: