Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Muse presents 'Smile Baby' - Scavenger Hunt!

There are sure to be a lot of smiles around Melrose today . . .

Click the jump for more info and location details.

This is by far the sexiest scavenger hunt yet, so much so that maybe it even needs a warning, so, here it is WARNING: ONLY FOLLOWERS OF THE BLOG 18 YEARS AND OLDER CAN PARTICIPATE IN THIS SCAVENGER HUNT.

Lol, this one needs a warning because it is that sexy. The lucky winners who find one of these 'Muse Presents: Smile Baby' packs will receive a killer sticker pack featuring a nice assortment of from Muse and Smile Baby. And the extra bonus is that there is a sexy DVD included in the sticker pack. The clip is set to some dirty, driving southern rock and it shows the same model from the 'Smile Baby' stickers topless and holding a camera, snapping pictures right back at the movie camera that is doing the filming. The model is absolutely gorgeous, and it is shot kind of like an art film. Whoever finds these will definitely be smiling!

As for the location details, 6 of these video/sticker packs have been placed on Melrose in between Fairfax and La Brea. They have been put up to look like stickers, so only folks who follow the blog and know what they are should find them. There are pictures included of 4 of the locations. And, if you find a pack, send in pics so we can post some shots of the winners!

Happy Hunting~