Friday, May 27, 2011

A Declaration of War

This box by UCLA gets a lot of action, and apparently there is some beef brewing between artists and advertisers.

Found pasted on the box was this warning 'If you continue to tear down artists work to put up advertisements, then this issue is going to transcend petty beef. What was up on this box was my way of expressing myself, and I put a lot of effort into it. But you tore down my work to put up a bullshit advertisement, and that is a blatant act of vandalism. Prepare to have every single one of these ads painted over, torn down, or defaced. I guarantee you that I'll get to them before the city does. This is a decree of war.'

Unknown artist.

***Thanks to anonymous for sending in this story.***


  1. phone jack gets up in a major way. is he doing any gallery shows at all?

  2. ART IS WAR....!

  3. A vandal accusing someone of Vandalizing their vandalism.... wtf? just burn every ad they put up, no need to cry about it, odds are dude will never see this paster anyway.