Friday, May 27, 2011

Cyrcle Takes Over and Pops Off

Cyrcle has been so busy with so many art projects that they haven't had the streets quite as covered as they used to, and they come back strong and go big, not only with the Post No Bills wall at De La Barracuda, but also with this electrical box takeover in front of the wall.

This piece is absolutely amazing. It looks like a piece of art that should be framed and in a home. Expertly done with even small attention to detail like with the brush strokes. And love the way the 3d brush makes the piece pop off the box. Dig it~

This box is one of the hottest in LA and usually has many pieces, each going over the next. This is the cleanest this box has ever looked, and folks familiar with it know what we are talking about.

We are honored to have Cyrcle in our upcoming show tomorrow night! Wait til you see what they bring for that. Stay up~

***Pictured above is Carlos Gonzales- a local photographer who takes amazing photos of street art and is a contributor for Brooklyn Street Art, Arrested Motion and other big publications***

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