Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rocking Out At The Sunset Marquis

As part of our upcoming art show, 'What Graffiti is to New York - Street Art is to Los Angeles', the Maximillian Gallery secured a 10 foot Gibson guitar for the artists to decorate.

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Getting one of these Gibson guitars is like a dream come true. These guitars sit out in front of the hottest spots on the Sunset Strip like the Key Club, the Rainbow Room and the House of Blues. We have often seen seen these massive guitars, and been in awe of the pieces. We have said many times that street artists are the rock stars of the art world, and now we are rocking out with one!

These are teaser shots of the still yet to be finished guitar. The first pic features gallery owner, Caradoc, posing in front of the impressive piece of art. As you can see from the size reference, this thing is HUGE!

It is always a difficult task to bring artists together. And to fit 15 artists on any one piece and still have it look good is a remarkable thing (at the time of these pictures it had 12). Sometimes collaborations can look like a mess. But this guitar looks amazing~ It is one of the best collaborative pieces of art that we have seen from any show, and it is just another example of what the artists featured in the show really bring to the table. Its hard to pick out our favorite section because it all looks so good.

Huge thanks to Cyrcle, Gregory Siff, Homo Riot, Desire Obtain Cherish, Smog City, Alec Monopoly, Free Humanity, Bankrupt Slut, KH no. 7, DeeKay, Leba, and Smear for the work so far.