Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LA Street Art Hits San Francisco - The Return!

A few months ago, a group of Los Angeles based street artists trekked up to San Francisco to put up some art. Even though they were hampered by car problems and sideways rain, they still made it happen in San Fran.

Last weekend, another group of artists returned from LA to San Francisco. It looks like a lot better weather, and here are some shots of the mobbing in action--and nice moves from Cyrcle on the skateboard!

^2wenty and Cyrcle

^2wenty, Cyrcle, and Muska over a previously defaced Insa piece. With tags from Yesm, Syb, Dwell and more.

^Cyrcle, Chad Muska, 2wenty, KH no 7 getting pasted. And LA street art runs deep. Even those tags from Idealr and Irock are from LA based graffiti writers. That's wassup~

^Cyrcle and KH no 7