Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hooked Up - Serf TCF

Got hooked up big time with a fat pack from Serf TCF.

The hook up was loaded with all kinds of goodies including 3 pieces of original art, street pasters, a grip of stickers, and a t shirt. And it all came packaged in some cue cards from TV which Serf tagged up with his sick handstyle (we LOVE the M&F tag on the cardboard!).

Serf is one of the founding members of TCF (The Chosen Few) and has been holding things down in Los Angeles for a long time. Serf is up thick with stencils, stickers, and full on burners from Melrose to Silverlake. And it is super impressive how Serf hand stencils all of his stickers, really adding a personal touch to the work.

Big thanks for the hook up, Serf!

Stay up~

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