Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hooked Up - SHT! (pt 1/2)

We got a lot of Sht!

South Carolina based street artist Sht! just sent us the biggest hook up ever.

Sht! is a street artist heralding from Charleston, South Carolina, the same place Shepard Fairey is from. Sht! just rolled through LA to coincide with the opening of Art In The Streets at MOCA, and slammed the city with all kinds of Sht! while in town. We were really impressed with the way the campaign got down all over LA.

And just like Sht! hit the town, this hook up was massive. Sht! sent 13 prints, 2 t-shirts, and around a hundred or more assorted stickers. Its so big we had to split the feature into 2 parts. So, check out this awesome Sht!. And if you dig what you see, be sure to check out Sht!'s web store for some great prices on cool prints.

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  1. i know i said it through email already but thanks for letting me be part of your blog! i appreciate it!

    if anyone is interested in stickers email me at