Monday, February 28, 2011

Kate Moss Gets Wet

We came up on this fresh piece from Free Humanity this morning while the paste was still wet. Click the jump for more

You can see the wet square down below in front of the box where it appears the wheat paste was prepared.

This new piece from Free Humanity features a Kate Moss stencil, holding a can of dripping red stuff that appears to say 'Campbell's Human Spray'.

Dig this new stuff.

On Melrose.

Also up with pieces from Destroy All Design, Septerhed, and Herbert the Hippo

Free Humanity, Melrose, Destroy All Design, Septerhed, Herbert the Hippo


  1. no more campbells, no more soup cans, no more spray cans, no more cans! no more mickey, either. it's time to have a bon fire with all these cliche'd images.

  2. It's also a "rip off" of Fake's...