Friday, February 25, 2011

Jealous People, Sick People

Despite the defacing of Banksy's street art that we have seen in LA, we still love the city. And for every asshole, there are a hundred heroes. Click the jump for more

Here is a video of the guy who doesn't know anything about Banksy, or art, but took the time to clean up Banksy's Crayon Soldier when it was defaced.

He speaks of the "jealous people, sick people" who want to destroy things, but we are glad that most people are like this guy, and we support and admire him for standing up for the good.

Thanks to KLOS for making this video.

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  1. This is the owner of Angelino's Cafe in Westwood:

    The food is quite good. He was the one who had put up the No Parking sign that the Crayola Shooter was shooting at. What was really cool was the I went to see it, he was parked in front of the Banksy - having a commercial license and a business that the alley services, he was well within his rights to park there - but when a space opened up right in front of the restaurant, he moved his truck there. Show the man some love and eat at Angelino's. It's Italian food by a guy who's actually from Italy.