Saturday, February 26, 2011

Banksy - Blast From The Past

3 of the 7 confirmed Banksy's in LA have now been cut out or taken down.

This classic Banksy piece is a blast from the past and addresses some of the same issues that are happening now with the pieces in LA. Click the jump below for more

Banksy Forum member Vivalarepublique provided this pic and pointed out how the stencil imagery of people running, like with the current 'Caution' piece, has been a long theme in Banksy's work.

It is also interesting to note the cut it out instructions with the scissors (like the earlier posted modern take by Insurgency Inc). At the time this piece went up, Banksy was getting hyped and people were wondering if walls would get ripped out to take a Banksy home.

Well, years later the self-fulfilling prophecy has come true, where it is almost the expectation, not the exception, for walls to be literally cut apart in the attempt to capture a Banksy.

On yet another note, it looks like haters been hatin' on Banksy since back in the day. Anybody remember this tagger?