Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Late Night Scavenger Hunt - Zombie

People are loving the free street art giveaways, and Zombie just got in on the action with a night time scavenger hunt. Click the jump for more info and location details

Zombie has put out 4 pieces total, 2 of them at the Sonora Cafe building on La Brea and 2nd(?), and 2 more at De La Barracuda. You should be able to figure out the exact spots of each from the pics.

He has taped them up so that they can be removed and taken home.

Also, 2wenty gave us word late today that he had put up another free piece of street art on Melrose. We don't have any pics, but we'd love to hear from whoever found it (think its gone already).

Send us pics after you find them!

Happy Hunting~

***UPDATE: It seems all of the pieces have been found. If you scored, send us pics!***


  1. Those tire tracks are awesome. Hahha.

  2. The Sonora Cafe ones were gone when I went like 15 mins ago.

  3. no luck straight out of luck

  4. I got the Mel Gibson one from Zombie at Sonora. The other one was already gone. And thank you 2wenty for the awesome art and the gift certificate!

  5. Credit on this one goes to Twenty. We were hanging out and he said we should drive a car over some of my pieces. That's the reason I decided to put these on the streets, simply because that's what Twenty would do. So stoked to see such interest.