Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Inside Banksy's Elephant

I guess it looks a bit like an elephant from the inside, too.

A couple of thrill seekers wondered if there was anything interesting on the inside of Banksy's 'This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant.'

The two thrill seekers, 2wenty and Bryan Mier hey found some art pieces inside as well (Cloud 9), and that someone had been living there (an the place stinks!

Wild stuff!

And we think that its really cool how Banksy, and apparently some other artists before him, saw this unusual piece of industrial equipment as a canvas. Especially love the Cloud 9 piece in there. We have a lot of admiration for artists who create art for art alone, and that seems to be whats happened here in this remote spot.

Dig it~


  1. pretty crazy to think that someone did that cloud 9 piece in there and (potentially) years later it gains attention from the banksy spotlight.

    out of all the craze and attention paid to banksy through his run in l.a. I think the most impressive aspect of it all has been the places and unpredictability of where you'll see his work next.

  2. There was a new VHS tape on the ground by it when I went the other day. Its drying out, and i will be watching it tonight for the hell of it lol

  3. The VHS player was down in the bushes below, hahaahha