Friday, February 25, 2011

Where Is Banksy's Caution?

We always love to see pics that capture the surrounding area of street art because it really helps place the piece and give a feel for its environment. These panoramic shots really capture the area of Banksy's Caution.

And we would love to openly post the location, but we have received word that the owner has been contacted and might be taking steps to have this Banksy piece protected and preserved, so we are going to wait until tomorrow to try and give them a chance to do that.

Thanks to Rob Wade for the pics and info.


  1. Did they just cut it out?

  2. ^oh damn just read the new post :( fucking sucks.

  3. So where the hell was the stupid thing??? Sheesh... so annoying that by the time anyone finds it the freaking owner cuts it out of the wall.