Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pics From Street Art From the Crypt

Save the street art drama for your mama~

We had been kicking ourselves for not making it to the Septerhed/KH no. 7/Destroy All Design show last month at the 2Bad/Refresh gallery (we had a good excuse and thought we had a good chance of getting laid, orgy style, but that didn't pan out). We missed it, but it sounded like a great time, and so we wanted to make sure and catch the next show. And despite the drama, we had a really good time choppin' it up and viewing the art from Zombie, Koffinz, and KilleD at 'Street Art From the Crypt'.

The show was really cool, with lots of dope art work and a good turnout. We were especially impressed with how polished the gallery pieces looked compared to the street. It still captured the same feel as the street art, but in a way that was much more refined. Dig it~

As for the drama, we met two groups of people at the art show, the artists and the fans. And while it seems like the fans of street art are also big fans of the blog and had many nice things to say, on the other hand, it felt like nearly every street artist in LA was kinda bothered by our blog coverage for one reason or another. Some had good points and some didn't, and nearly all feel that we have been showing too much Banksy and not enough local flavor. Its good to hear the feedback, and we take to heart what people are saying.

While we completely understand people feeling burnt if we talk negative about something, or might not agree with this or that, what surprises us most are the folks who get upset when we try to give them positive coverage?! We don't get it, and if we still don't get it, send us a message. Whether you love M&F or hate us, its good to put that out there. Send us an email, or cap one of our stickers on the street. But make sure and leave your name so we know who its from. There is more than enough street art to give attention to in Los Angeles. Just let us know, and we are happy to shine the spotlight in a different direction.

Seriously, save the drama for your mama~


  1. and if you hadn't covered it people would have complained.

    The show looked amazing, bummed I didnt get a chance to check it out. Congrats to zombie koffinz and killed!

  2. i tried to tell you guys

  3. looked like a cool show. The whole Banksy thing is going to die down, anyway, when he leaves LA after the Oscars. Two weeks of coverage for an internationally known street artist that doesn't come through LA that often isn't that big of a deal in the scheme of things.
    Haters going to Hate
    Mikey B

  4. Glad I made it out to this, it was a great event! S/O to Zombie, Koffinz and Killed! You guys have some awesome artwork! Next time I'll have to bring more stickers to pass out for sure.

  5. Thank you (M=F) for comming out to the Event last night at The NON_Gallery. And also 2-all that support local street art on all levels.
    The Pop corn was popping and so were the peeps.
    The show is up till March 26th with a closing party that is worth making notice. There will be more art and great deals. Please supprt these three. From Re-Fresh. Question? Did any one notice the quiet guy with the diry painted hands? Hmmmmm Was that B***ys?