Monday, February 28, 2011

Gold Rush

Last night, in honor of Banksy and the Oscars, bricks of gold were placed in front of street art in LA. Click the jump for more

Gold bricks saying 'Gold Rush' were placed around the city last night, reportedly as a nod to Banksy and the Oscars.

The bricks placed in front of the Crayon Soldier were gone within an hour, but the others were still around late into the night.


  1. Who did the art in the second photo ( and where is this located?


  2. It's obey...

    Where is it located M&F?

  3. i just two gold bricks from the obey poster

  4. It's located at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I snapped a few shots the other day. I have close ups if interested in that piece.

  5. the obey is on melrose ave and gower. there are a couple of bricks left

  6. That obey one is Sunset and Broson actually. There's also some KilleD, Koffinz, Zombie and Free Humanity at the same building