Monday, February 28, 2011

Voina And The 231-Foot Penis

This is the gag that got Voina arrested.

Placement is everything, and not only did they paint a 231 foot penis on a retractable drawbridge, it took some real balls to hit this particular spot. Click the jump below for more

Voina is the street art activist group in Russia whose leaders were arrested and locked in jail last year for this giant penis, among other things. And the financial support sent by Banksy, helped secure their release on bond this past weekend. We are going to cover some of their most outrageous antics over the next few days.

This penis was placed on the Liteyny Bridge, which leads to the headquarters of the Federal Security Service in Russia.

The FSS is the revamped KGB, and it is like the FBI, CIA, DEA, ICE, and the NSA combined.

It took some real balls to go big like this in front of the home of the FSS, and you can see why the Russian government is so put out by these activists.