Sunday, February 27, 2011

Art Babies

A basket full of babies with an Oscar thrown in for good measure. Click the jump for more

Yesterday we saw some Hipster Babies, and today we get a basket full of art babies.

Not sure exactly what the commentary is, but it features a bunch of babies with an Oscar in a basket.

This is a stencil that has been wheat pasted onto the wall from Xvala.

Xvala is also responsible for the 'Banksy' monkeys-the ones holding the signs, that we have got a lot of questions about wondering if it is a Banksy. It is Banksy's image, but used by Xvala.

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  1. Why Don't you ever disclose the locations. Kinda frustrating to want and go see the art you post but not be able to. Would appreciate that info in the future. Thanks! BTW 2 Banksy pieces are covered by tarps at a Velero gas station LOCATION: LA BREA AND BEVERLY!!!