Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Street Art - Bring It To The Crypt

Another very cool art giveaway with a double prize, this one hyping the 'Street Art From the Crypt' group art show that opens Saturday night. Click the jump for more info and location details

2wenty is doing another free street art scavenger hunt, and this time, whoever finds it wins twice. Whoever finds the free pieces, if you bring them to the 'Street Art From the Crypt' show opening, you will receive another free gift from 2wenty.

The art show features art from Zombie, Koffinz, and KilleD. And it opens at 8:30 Saturday night, Feb 26th at the 2Bad/Refresh gallery. Click the picture for address and details.

And the free pieces from 2wenty are Facebook pieces, with a wood background. They can be found at the corner of Formosa and Melrose, by the Zebra just off Melrose and La Brea, and Floyds Barber Shop. Happy Hunting!

^Free pieces of Zombie art found by J.R. while walking his dog on Melrose

^stencil 2wenty piece found by Keith Toll.


  1. I was totally just there (by the zebra), took a pict, got home, and THEN realized what it was... so I rushed back and snagged it!

  2. picked up the floyds facebook shooting up piece at 1145 am today, worth it, to hunt and find, thanks m&f.