Thursday, February 24, 2011

How To Sell A Banksy

Anyone interested in taking a off the wall Banksy, or any art off the street, might want to check out 'How To Sell A Banksy'. Click the jump for more

An interesting documentary just got made about what it is like trying to sell a piece Banksy taken from the street.

It seems that there are all kinds of hang ups towards proving its a Banksy, and even if people believe it is, getting anyone to authenticate it.

You can check out more and watch the trailer for the movie at the How To Sell A Banksy Website.

We were sitting on this for a minute because we thought it was under the radar, and The Huffington Post beat us to it with a nice article. We should have known better, nothing with Banksy is ever under the radar~


  1. That guy is such a kooke...


  2. At 1:17 in the trailer isn't that MBW? Is the conspiracy vaster than we could ever imagine?

  3. @anonymous 2 - good eye that is for sure MBW at 1:17...

  4. BBC Video on LA Street Art

  5. Arrrrrrr!!! that really chaps me hyde, arrrrrrrr!! If matey came to the sea with that mindset, i'd make him walk the plank, arrrrrrrrr!!