Friday, February 25, 2011

The Meaning of Banksy's 'Caution' Sign

Banksy's 'Caution' sign is not merely about a family having fun flying a kite, "It's actually a take on the signs you see from Mexico up to LA warning of immigrant families sprinting across the highway". Click the jump for more

Caducus provided this information and picture on the Banksy Forums helping give real insight into the depth of Banksy's 'Caution' piece.

What do the viewers think the addition of the kite means?


  1. Yes, and that is why the oceanside pic must be his. These signs are only in San diego, and Banksy (being from england) would never have known about them unless he visited san diego.

  2. I posted something similar last week in a comment but not sure what happened to it. Maybe it didnt go through.

    My interpretation of this piece is also symbolic to where it was painted.

    As you said, this sign is famous on the 5 freeway going north and south to Mexico (or just north, i don't remember) advising drivers to watch for pedestrians crossing the freeway. Without trying to stereotype, it definitely is referring to illegal immigrants crossing the U.S./Mexico boarder. With that said...

    'Caution' being painted in a presumed hispanic neighborhood gives me the assumption that illegal immigrants want the desire to immigrate to the U.S. to live the life of opportunity and escape poverty. Enjoying better things in life without stress, like flying a kite. The kite symbolism is freeing yourself of problems or trying to take control of your life (string).

  3. Whilst trolling around the internet I stumbled upon this story on a Mexican/Latino website. I was very touched by the writer's interpretation of the Banksy 'Caution' piece.

    "British street artist Banksy, whose recent film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' is an Oscar contender this year, has applied his particular brand of political commentary to those borderline (no pun intended) offensive Mexican-Family-Crossing signs. The change is simple enough: the father flies a kite. They are no longer fugitive illegals, but a happy family of human beings, y’know, with needs and feelings and lives and all that stuff people leave out of the immigration issue because, well, it’s easier that way.

    Kudos to you, Banksy. We hope you win that Oscar. There’s been a lot of weird British/Mexican relations stories lately, but this is our favorite."

    This story can be found here:

    And a connected link about Banksy and the history of the caution sign:


    or this guy did it first

  5. I think everything he does has a meaning and reason for it. So consider if u were someone influential, what would u do to help people understand you. Like I said, these are my personal beliefs and I think banksy may be giving us a sign. Maybe he's in SD, or maybe that's a quick stop and he's headed to Mexico. He has been known to jump a border or two. Lol... Either way it goes, cant wait to see what has in store for us next. -Bless-