Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is WRONG With People?!

Another reported Banksy gets tagged over, this one with a dollar sign. This is so not money . . .

Is it just LA? We have heard that Banksy pieces can survive for a long time in some cities, even without plexiglass.

This got defaced, but we are not even sure it is a real Banksy. According to Banksy Hunter Keith Toll, this stencil is twice the size of the other 2 Caution pieces, the ones with the yellow background.

Still, Banksy or not, it got defaced, and we are left to wonder-- what is wrong with some people?

**Pic from rkitek on the Banksy Forums**


  1. As for the banksy pieces everyone wants a part of the action and fame right? The space belongs to the public not to the city and not to banksy if someone wants to write next to or over banksy WHY NOT? from MY point of veiw the tagger that wrote over banksy DID NOT DISS BANKSY i believe he added more to the banksy piece tagging is one of the most beautiful artistic sides of graffiti and he added it to the canvass that belongs to everyone (the street) if someone offered me a plain banksy piece or a tagged banksy piece i would choose the tagged one because now i have TWO artists on ONE canvass! bonus! and its NOT only la im sure MANY people have tagged over banksy pieces even obey and many famous artists and THEY think good of it because its ADDS to the art it raises it in artistic value! now im NOT saying that writing over people is okay CAUSE IT IS NOT! but from an experienced writer we know the acceptions to these rules where they may be bent for certain resons. tagging is where it originated from and the SOLE PURPOSE of street art is that the streets are an endless canvas for anyone and everyone to take as their own to express their veiws feelings stand point anyone who wants to be known or send a message in THEIR OWN community where they live and work and go to school. we should have the right to choose what we walk by everyday what we see in our own community we should have complete rights to do so. Although i undederstand it may be near to immposible to ever legalize graffiti completely because taggers would go totally crazy and sadly most simply fuck shit up and make things look ugly but the majority has MUCH potential to bring a step f in a moreoward healthier open artistic community. I DO believe that a possible solution one day throughly thought over but could be a start which could be to lower the penalties of graffiti writers and let the community take back what is rightfully theirs the people own their space not the city or cops.I do believe private property still ofcourse should be protected against REAL vandalism not some tags but something like breaking something and tresspassing. I believe someone needs to start attempting to demand more artistic freedom and rights to the people. There are many skilled people and i dont understand why we have not yet spoken out and why we have allowed ourself to be prosecuted as equal to a murder case! when all we have done is benifit the community and take back what is ours!. Just needed to let the people know. Melrose and fairfax is tight though.

  2. I have this feeling that LA is just not 'mature' enough for serious street art or something. Some of Banksy's stuff in London have survived for years... people just walk past them, smile, and carry on. But over here... people either tag them over (and it's mindless, meaningless tagging; not like they're making any points whatsoever), or cut out the walls for greedy opportunistic profit.

    Ugh, people suck!

  3. I like it, its funny. its a better fate for a piece then getting sawed out and sold on ebay. i thought this was a "fake" anyway.


  4. heres free humanity getting the banksy treatment-!/photo.php?fbid=191058350928353&set=a.101492753218247.3395.100000725695514&theater

  5. Why is it wrong for someone to insert their own commentary on Banksy? The person who tagged the money sign is obviously stating that Banksy is more interested in money and growing his celebrity (illustrated by the Sunset billboard incident) than creating meaningful art.

  6. If i were there, i'd do the same thing >>> the context [the scene in LA right now] is perfect for a 'cap' like this. *applause*

  7. Really? All of u need to remember it ain't a gallery out there it's street. As a graffiti artist myself. U get into it knowing u will get crossed out ripped out or whatever. U don't need to write an essay about it. All u losers need to go hit up.
    And maturity has nothing to do with buffing out n defacing LA has had some of the most original pieces. NY might of "started it" but we kill it and revive it better. Californiacated

  8. I think this was painted over, couldnt find it

  9. 1) the bridge was the first piece of art. a minimalistic canvas, arching and blank.

    2) the "banksy" piece was laid over that - adapting the original canvas.

    3) someone continued the trend. the "$" is a suitable commentary by the way for illegal immigration - both for the families fleeing to, and the state that holds them.

    4) the city paints over. another stroke on the canvas, the layers preserved.

    5) this is an endless cycle. as long as their are canvas and paint - it will continue. if you are willing to paint, be willing to be painted over.

    6) if you want your shit isolated - get a fucking canvas and hang it in a gallery. this is an evolving portrait.


  10. If anything, LA is more mature about graffiti than any other city.

  11. BANKSY IS SICKK=]]]]