Monday, February 28, 2011

Graffiti at Fairfax High School

This shot was funny. We thought the dude who was painting was trying to stand still so we wouldn't notice . . .

It turns out he's a statue.

Not sure what this is about, but Fairfax High School has a garden with life-size sculptures of kids doing stuff. A couple are covered, two more are talking on a string phone, and this one in the corner is pounding out some graffiti.

Very cool that the high school would embrace an art medium like graffiti, and the students probably dig it as well!

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  1. Alan Warhaftig of the Visual Arts Magnet at Fairfax has always been a huge supporter of art and the students that practice it. Back in 98 he let us do paste ups on campus in an early morning raid and we even painted Jimmy Hendrix on top of an MTA bus during an ill fated mural project with the city. The man and the program has always been a champion for artistic shenanigans. I'm not surprised to see the arts on Melrose and Fairfax is stronger than ever.