Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Banksy or Not? It Got Defaced Like One!

It has not even been confirmed whether the supposed Banksy 'Caution' piece on Washington Blvd. and Flower St. is indeed a Banksy, but it has already been defaced like one. Click the jump for more

This is Keith Toll, the Banksy Hunter, standing in front of the piece in question.

We still don't have pics yet, but we received an email saying that this piece has now been spattered with paint. As another person commented, What is wrong with people?!"

It is really sad. Why do people think that the next stage when a Banksy goes up is for it to be defaced?! It reminds us of the story of a bucket of crabs-every time one tries to reach the top, another one will grab its leg and pull it back down, so no one gets ahead.

On another note, we have heard the question posted whether the 'Caution' pictured on Banksy's site was buffed before ever being found? We don't know, but we have eyes and ears all over LA (Banksy Hunter Keith logged 300 miles yesterday!), and based on the uber-quick responses to the locations of the previous Banksy spots, we can only assume that there is a good likelihood that it might have already gotten buffed.


  1. Up to 370 miles now. Just drove up Sepulveda from the 118 past the 10. Made a pit stop at my uncles to eat and pee and now going to scan Culver City once more before I head downtown. I'll stop by the Banksy in question and take pics if it has been vandalized. I'm looking more for the Jack billboard and a blue wall hoping that will lead to the spot, buffed or not. More later...

  2. This is sooo LA. It just aint no fun unless someone gets hurt. When the Lakers win the championship, they riot. The first time Body Worlds came to town, they stole a fetus. We get Banskied and they deface it. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but in LA destruction is.

  3. LA is oversaturated with commercial bullshit and banksy is a commercial artist. his stencil is ok but the other writers in LA are "criminals" in the minds of people and the law. people will flock like sheep to a banksy piece but when the see a good piece of graffiti they scoff.

  4. I completely disagree with that statement. Who is scoffing at a good piece of graffiti? It would be like if you have the local musicians that you love to listen to but when the Rolling Stones come to town the everyone is about the Stones. I don't think it makes it less for any of the other artists. There are still many people, like myself, who walk up and down Melrose taking in and enjoying the other art works besides just Banksy. You got it all wrong...