Friday, February 25, 2011

Olek Does a Banksy Tribute

New York based Olek stiched a rooftop tribute to Banksy's Balloon Girl. Click the jump for more

The BoweryBoogie received an email from Olek saying that she did this piece as a nod to Banksy. Here are her words

After crocheting the first readymade, I decided to pay homage to Marcel Duchamp and so I crocheted the bike wheel on the stool. Recently, I was referred to as a street artist by the press and public. I wanted to pay my respect to one of the most iconic figures of the street art movement. I am placing a series of The girl with the balloons image coinciding with the Oscars as support for Banksy’s movie. What is authentic? Did he intend to do a mockery of the art world by being a Mr. BW?

Very cool how this street artist would compliment another street artist instead of capping it.

On a side note, our friend G has been stiched up by Olek himself. Check it out!


  1. that's awesome...she is awesome!

  2. Thanks for the shout out.

    The Banksy updates you've been providing have been making my day!