Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keith Toll - Banksy Hunter (pt. 1/2)

Keith Toll has been hunting Banksy's all week long. So far he's logged 436 miles, and counting!

Keith has really embodied the feverish excitement that has swept through LA during Banksy's visit. And Keith has had some awesome adventures and scored some cool loot along the way. Click the jump to see the art Keith has found while hunting Banksy

Keith has been an animal, and has tracked down 2 pieces from 2wenty, a Zombie hand painted piece, a hand painted 'Thank You' Andy Warhol from 'X' and even scored a Bankrupt Slut dunny. Actually, Keith got 2 but since he already had a green one he put it back for someone else to find.

It has been awesome for us following Keith during his adventures, and we know he has made a lot of fans and earned a lot of friends during the hunt.

Big thanks to Keith for all his help during the week, and for just being the dedicated Banksy Hunter that he is.

Stay up, Keith~


  1. Keith is a bad ass...


  2. Keith, (aka Banksy Hunter)

    Your dedication is impressive and you are one crazy fucker. ;)

    Much admiration.

    Kylie and Andy

    PS. Go Keith!

  3. Thanks for the support guys!! Loving it!