Saturday, February 26, 2011

Banksy's Art Helps Free Prisoners

The sale of Banksy art helped the defense fund and secure the release of imprisoned street art activists in Russia. Click the jump for more

When Banksy heard about the art group Voina getting arrested and beaten while in custody, he pledged 90,000 pounds help the cause, and held a sale for his prints to raise the money. (We tried our luck in the lottery but didn't get one.)

With the help of this money, the two Voina prisoners were released.

We had heard vague stories that street artists were imprisoned, and we thought they were just pasting and painting. But until we did some research, we had no idea what kind of stunts Voina has pulled. They go beyond street art into public interruptions like throwing stray cats at McDonalds workers, public sex, and painting a 200 foot penis on a retractable bridge. We are so impressed with their campaign that we are going to feature some of their events in the next few days.

And its very cool to see how Banksy is using his influence and cash flow to help aid other artists.

Banksy, you would be a living legend (if you are not already) and get mad props if you took a million dollars or so and set up a foundation to help with the legal defense of accused street artists. Just sayin'~

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