Thursday, February 24, 2011

Desire Obtain Cherish - Gears Up for the Oscars

'Desire Obtain Cherish' has been doing some really cool Oscar themed pieces of art around town.

Meanwhile, these guys are getting ready to cut out another chunk of wall with a street art stencil on it . . . click the jump for more

Lol, the guys are workmen who look to be cutting out a section of the wall at Joyrich on Melrose with a Free Humanity stencil on it as part of the remodeling.

And Desire Obtain Cherish is going for a ride up top a human size Oscar statue.


  1. Dude! Not kidding, but I think those are the guys that removed the Charlie Brown Fire Starter.I don't know if this is their business or what but looks like the 3 from the other. Anybody who saw the other one being removed, do you concur?

  2. Somebody is making a killing off of this street's comical that people actually pay as much as they do for a Banksy piece. I like his work and enjoy seeing them, but as Banksy and every great artist knows, it's all about the composition and setting. What's the point of having a street art piece in your home? The point is to see it on the street. Stupid rich idiots, buy a Picasso.

  3. I saw the guys there at Charlie Brown during the day and their white pickup truck. Can't say definitively if that's him. Wouldn't surprise me.

  4. This is major vandalism. You can't just go around cutting parts of walls out. Someone needs to 5O over there to check these people credentials.