Monday, February 28, 2011

Banksy On Google Maps

For all those Banksy hunters out there, there is now one place to go to find the locations of all of Banksy's works in LA. Click the jump for more

The locations for all of Banksy's confirmed works in Los Angeles have been compiled and put on Google Maps.

It makes super easy one-stop shopping for the Banksy enthusiast who wants to make the rounds.

The map is also color coordinated to show the current status of the piece. Green means it is still there, yellow shows vandalism, and red means the Banksy piece has been removed.

For those who want to view the Banksy map, click HERE

***Huge thanks to MELROSEandFAIRFAX contributor Chris Melgar for putting this together and sharing it with us***


  1. they are just missing the original run of his work the first time he was here to premier his movie. still good work

  2. Supercool map!
    Tam - First time in L.A. was in 2002...when he had a show at 33 1/3 in Silverlake. And then let's not forget Barely Legal 2004. There are two pieces from back then still around.

  3. 2 Lord Jim.
    What pieces do you speak of that still remain from 04? I would love to see them!

  4. Besides the No Parking and the security guard (cut out) from the movie premiere, there are other pieces around the city to see. The caveman at the movie theatre, the 2 girls at the gas station, and I think there is a huge rat still on Melrose. It would be nice if those were included on here too.

  5. yes
    some one should compile a "street art" map
    with art gallerys and graffiti stores and other epic pieces of graffiti