Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey Graffiti Guy, You Are No Banksy

We got a chuckle out of this note when we first saw it, and now it has a new addition.

It says "Hey Graffiti guy! You are a fucking asshole! Go deface some other wall! (PS- You're no Banksy)

Even got the grammar right~

***Thanks to Keith Toll for sending this pic in from his hunting in LA. Still no word on the missing 'Caution' or 'Kite' Banksy piece***


  1. what Banksy does (paint something on property he doesn't own without permission) is NOT Graffiti?
    But someone painting over Banksy's painting IS graffiti?

  2. Check this wall today. Super sick piece by Desire Obtain Cherish. Caught them in the act :D