Sunday, February 27, 2011

DENIED! Banksy Loses Best Documentary Oscar

Much to our surprise, Banksy's film 'Exit Through the Gift Shot' did not win an Oscar. Click the jump for more

We are much more tuned into the street art world than the world of the movies, but we were stunned when Banksy's 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' did not win an Oscar.

The winner instead went to 'Inside Job'.

The results are stunning, and we never got to see if Banksy might appear and what he might wear on stage.

Even though the results are a bit disappointing, this has always been about the art for us, and it has already been a win having Banksy come to LA. As we said before, win or lose, we expect to see some new art from Banksy, so make sure to keep your eyes out. We are really expecting to a see some new art by tomorrow morning!


  1. The only reason I even watched the Oscars was to see what happened with Banksy... Aside from the horrifically lame hosting and such antics that seem to plague EVERY awards ceremony, I think I may have physically hurled if Oprah and anything relating to Banksy ha shared the stage!
    Banksy got like 2 secs... I think the doc award was the shortest intro to any of the awards... They scared! Haha!
    And Im even surprised Timberlake made that joke! Half of the Oscar viewers probably had NO idea what he was talking about! I'm expecting my 73 year old mother in law to ask me what the heck a Banksy is?! Haha...
    Case in point, her and my extremely uncool sister inlaw are the only two people I know that were seriously watching that lame ass excuse for entertainment they call the Oscars! Maybe it's just me... I dunno... :p

  2. No, you really expect this street art fever to last longer than a bieber fever?

  3. Been a fan of Banksy for years. just because he didn't win doesn't mean i'll stop collecting or being a fan of his work.