Thursday, February 24, 2011

Banksy Doesn't Show For the Oscars

If it is any indication for the awards ceremony, Banksy didn't show up to a panel for documentary nominees earlier today.

That is assuming that he wins. We have been assuming that Banksy would win hands down, but apparently there is a strong field competing.

Big thanks to the Huffington Post for the coverage, and for using the pics from MELRSOSEandFAIRFAX in the story.


  1. I'm tempted to head down there, traffic and parking permitting, to see if he pulls a stunt on the outside of the Kodak theater. If he is not going to be inside (unless he sneaks in), he might be disguised on the outside. just a thought.

  2. There is also a screening of the nominated docs on Saturday at the WGA theater held by the International Documentary Associate. They usually do a good job at bringing in film makers and subjects for Q&As after each film. MBW will likely make an appearance. I was almost tempted to get a ticket just to see if Banksy would show. Let's hope there is some sort of scene at the real Oscars when he wins. 99% of the time the Doc Oscar goes to the most popular film even when it is the worst of the bunch.

  3. Out of curiosity - what's the deal with the missing storm troopers from the top of this wall on La Brea? Every couple of days another one is m.i.a. Are they being stolen? Are they being knocked down by wind and rain? Are they being removed and replaced near the venue for the Oscars?