Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Closer Look at Banksy's Bronx Zoo

Here is a closer look at Banksy's Bronx Zoo graffiti leopard.

This location was listed on Banksy's website as Yankee Stadium, but this is not on the stadium itself, but right across the street.

The blue background and fierce spirit of this piece seems to make it a favorite amongst many fans. But perhaps the larger point that Banksy is trying to make by waiting all day to reveal this piece is that just like in the jungle, the wild cats are still blending in.

C'mon New York. After a full month of Banksy and this piece did not get spotted on the streets all day!? Big time fail. Banksy has opened eyes during Better Out Than In, but apparently still not enough to notice everything unusual in the Big Apple.


  1. i like that it's mostly 2D

  2. Wtf man the girl in photo #11 has me wishing I was in New York so hot!
    The girl on the left in photo #15 has me wishing I was in New York and under 18yrs old soooo hot!

    Damn this banksy is the shit! I freaking love it. Waited all fucking day for this guy to post something but well worth the wait. People on the banksy blogs are critical of people just commenting "my favorite" but I don't care man this is MY FAVORITE! Holy shit it's awesomeness! The cat is so cool. The tags inside are genius.
    And yea I've heard the comparisons to martin whatson already but whatever banksy haters are gonna hate regardless right! Same as that crazy blek argument -blek did rats banksy ripped him off yadayadayada whatever. Anyway, post some more photos m&f. I mean, we get the photos from other sites so how about some more commentary. Give us your feedback. Already tired of reading the same old news sites saying the exact same thing about this in 2 paragraphs wanna hear from you guys. How was it executed? All taped off before? What about people saying he did this before at cans is that completely accurate? What does everyone think tomorrow will be? The finale right?! Is it crazy to predict it? Can you tell us street art people the names of the tags inside? Everyone is saying cope but I only see the OPE and not the C. But what else do you guys decipher? I remember when cope was out here last and doing some stuff on melrose and free was running around side jacking trying to ride off the hype and acting all bad ass wannabe.
    Anyway I love this piece. one of my favorite things about it is the patina'd blue background and the yellow stripe so sexy.
    Stay up everybody 2 days and we have to go back to normal so ugh